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62: Always Bet on Mother Nature

26th Feb 2014, 11:00 PM
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62: Always Bet on Mother Nature
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Author Notes:

ProjectShiro 26th Feb 2014, 11:00 PM edit delete
Submitted by: Den P.
Wow Den has had a lot of jobs!

Den noted here that the ramps leading out of the casino were super-steep. I don't want to even think about how slippery they were.


plymayer 26th Feb 2014, 11:16 PM edit delete reply
Some one should check the mooring lines.
AutobotDen 27th Feb 2014, 12:04 AM edit delete reply
Actually, both ramps were indoors... there was the hotel, then the ramps leading to the boat... but it was worrisome hearing that crack...
ProjectShiro 27th Feb 2014, 2:33 PM edit delete reply
It almost sounds like a bad disaster movie: A bunch of random people in a casino boat that gets swept downstream in a flood... I'd watch it if Dean Cain were in it.
plymayer 4th Mar 2014, 2:48 AM edit delete reply
Probably a SyFy channel movie.